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Arcane Industries is a company expert in the manufacture and sale of solvents, degreasers, surface cleaning products and materials protection products. Our products are created in order to minimise the effects on environment and human health.

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Cleaning and waterproofing products

Welcome to Arcane Industries' website. Our company offers a wide range of services such as the selling of:

  • industrial cleaning products: paint thinner, degreasing and surface preparation products...
  • dry cleaning products (solvents and machines)
  • waterproofing products for terraces, basements and outdoor use
  • decorative coatings.

Browse through our website to learn more about our many specialities.

We remain at your disposal to answer any question you might have and provide you with any further information.

Specifications & information

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    Zi des Paluds
    BP 11 150
    13400 AUBAGNE
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Surface preparation and materials protection

Arcane Industries is expert in the manufacturing of products designed to industrial surface preparation and materials pr [...]
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