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Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Arcane Industries has developed a full range of surface preparation eco-products specifically tailored to safety, regulation and environmental demands submitted by all industry sectors. This sector experience, which led us to develop a new generation of eco-cleaners dedicated to industries, is now available to the public through the distribution networks and via our website. We believe that the needs of all consumers in terms of chemical preparations should not endanger their health and not disrupt the ecological balance.


Our overall approach is in respect of the environment and human on several levels:

  • In the products design with good environmental and toxicological profile
  • In the regulation and technological monitoring this is allowing us to be always at the forefront
  • In the establishment of certain products recycling
  • In the social relationships within the company
  • In the choice of our distribution channels: There is a strong growth in online sales which is establishing a direct link between the user and the manufacturer.