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anti moisturising paint in Manchester

ANTI MOISTURING PAINT IN MANCHESTER.To avoid mosturising and humidity in cellars, basement, laundry, walls and regularly humid rooms, here is ARCADAMP : an anti-humidity microporous paint. Arcane Industries is expert in the manufacturing and selling of waterproofing paint in Manchester and everywhere else in the United Kingdom. Find out more about us on our website.
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New drycleaning products

Dry cleaning solvent for textiles - ARCACLEAN

ARCACLEAN is a new concept for drycleaning. It offers a safer and high quality solution to perchloroethylene. Arcaclean is as long-term solution, safe for use both for the user and the environment. AR [...]
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waterproofing roof with paint

Liquid roof membrane - ARCAROOF

ARCAROOF is a waterproof membrane. ARCAROOF applies like a paint with standard painting equipment and dries to a continuous, opaque film with a paint-like appearance. ARCAROOF is recommended in all ca [...]
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adhesion promoter solvent

Degreasing and adhesion promoter - 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces before painting/bonding - ARCANE 221

ARCANE 221 US was created to combine the performances of ARCANE 220 US (degreasing, non flammable, non toxic to humans and the environment) with an adhesion promotion technology. The combination of th [...]
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Infiltrations in basements - cellars

Infiltrations in basements - cellars

For buried basements (cellars, parking lots, garages...), permanent or temporary water infiltrations are common. It is important to find a solution, in order to avoid structural damage over the long t [...]
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waterproofing tanking system

Waterproof cement based coating for basements, garages, undergrounds - ARCACEM

ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR is a waterproof tanking system. ARCACEM is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure (pressure from the outside against building structure). ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR works by bl [...]
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Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel

Powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin- BIORANGE 225

Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel, BIORANGE 25 is a powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin. This “new generation” product uses a un [...]
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