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anti moisturising paint in Manchester

ANTI MOISTURING PAINT IN MANCHESTER.To avoid mosturising and humidity in cellars, basement, laundry, walls and regularly humid rooms, here is ARCADAMP : an anti-humidity microporous paint. Arcane Industries is expert in the manufacturing and selling of waterproofing paint in Manchester and everywhere else in the United Kingdom. Find out more about us on our website.
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reinforcing fabric for waterproofing product

Reinforcing band for sealing resin - ARCAMESH

ARCAMESH is a reinforcing band made of very resistant non-woven polyester which ensures the sealing of cracks, joints, special points, and the covering of large areas. ARCAMESH is used with the coatin [...]
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cracks sealer ARCAFLEX

Durable treatment for cracks in facades, swimming pools, tanks… - ARCAFLEX

ARCAFLEX is a flexible mortar for sustainable treatment of cracks, joints and singular points of works including those in permanent immersion. It therefore provides a durable treat or cracks in facade [...]
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waterproofing kit

Choosing a transparent waterproofing kit according to the substrate and the type of traffic

The transparent waterproofing kit for non-trafficable surfaces such as floors on which there is no traffic or on walls (shower walls for example) is composed of: Arcaclear primer transparent for [...]
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Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel

Powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin- BIORANGE 225

Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel, BIORANGE 25 is a powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin. This “new generation” product uses a un [...]
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waterproof coated casing

How to prevent water infiltration in the basement with ARCACEM BASEMENT?

The coated casing ARCACEM helps waterproof underground walls in basements, parking, lots, basements/cellars, and crawl spaces. ARCACEM blocks the water and does not blister. ARCACEM helps: fight a [...]
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red tennis court paint

Tennis court paint - ARCATENNIS

ARCATENNIS is a paint coating for use on sport surfaces indoor and outdoor. ARCATENNIS tennis court paint is highly resistant, antireflective and skid free.   ARCATENNIS restores tennis courts and p [...]
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