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Anti-slip exterior paint resistant to water and abrasion in London ?

Avoid slip and reflection on concrete floors, asphalt mixtures, soils tar or asphalt with our floor paints. Arcane Industries is expert in the manufacturing and selling of technical paints and waterproofing products in London and everywhere else in the United Kingdom. Find out more about our high resistance floor paints on our website.
You are searching : Anti-slip exterior paint resistant to water and abrasion in London ?.
It's our specialty !

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paint for bitumen

Resistant exterior paint for bitumen, concrete and tar

ARCATENNIS is a non-slip and anti-reflective exterior paint which is resistant to water and abrasion. ARCATENNIS colors are vibrant and long lasting. ARCATENNIS is an exterior paint that can be applie [...]
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Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

The treatment of damp walls through the ARCAFLUID process – WATER-REPELLENT INJECTION consists in injecting in the thickness of the walls, a solution made of water-repellent active compounds that reac [...]
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polyester resin cleaning

Cleaning product for polyester resins - ARCANE 225

ARCANE 225 is a solvent that can substitute acetone, cyclohexanone and chlorinated solvents for the cleaning of mechanical parts, for the bonding and the solubilisation of elastomers. ARCANE 225 is an [...]
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swimming pool paint for concrete

Swimming pool paint - ARCAPOOL

ARCAPOOL is a swimming pool paint with excellent water resistance and exterior durability. It is a protective and decorative paint coating  designed for application on cement and concrete substrates. [...]
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Waterproofing pools, tanks, reservoirs and buried tanks - ARCACEM POOL

ARCACEM POOL is plaster casing which, among other functions, waterproofs buried substrates in non-cracked concrete for swimming pools, ponds, tanks, reservoirs or other water retention area. It is des [...]
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Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces

Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces - ARCADECK

ARCADECK is a waterproofing coating for trafficable surfaces. It provides waterproofing, protection and decoration floors made of traditional materials: concrete, cement... The flexibility of the coat [...]
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