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Buy waterproof roof coating

Buy the best waterproof roof coating system ever. The French company Arcane Industries is the expert in the manufacturing of waterproofing products in Marseille. Arcane Industries has a large range of roof waterproofing products. Each product is specifically adapted to different situations, depending on the slope of the roof, on whether or not the roof surface will be subject to foot traffic and the finished look you wish to achieve.
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Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces

Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces - ARCADECK

ARCADECK is a waterproofing coating for trafficable surfaces. It provides waterproofing, protection and decoration floors made of traditional materials: concrete, cement... The flexibility of the coat [...]
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waterprofing product for flat roof

Sealing of flat roof

The sealing of flat roofs must be particularly well done and not all waterproofing products can solve seepage problems on a surface with no slope. Indeed, drainage is more difficult than on a conventi [...]
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Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

The treatment of damp walls through the ARCAFLUID process – WATER-REPELLENT INJECTION consists in injecting in the thickness of the walls, a solution made of water-repellent active compounds that reac [...]
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waterproofing solution


ARCATHAN is a sealing resin with cold application and freeze-drying. Flexible coating composed of modified polyurethane resins, ARCATHAN is used for waterproof protection of buildings and civil engine [...]
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Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel

Powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin- BIORANGE 225

Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel, BIORANGE 25 is a powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin. This “new generation” product uses a un [...]
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Waterproofing pools, tanks, reservoirs and buried tanks - ARCACEM POOL

ARCACEM POOL is plaster casing which, among other functions, waterproofs buried substrates in non-cracked concrete for swimming pools, ponds, tanks, reservoirs or other water retention area. It is des [...]
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