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replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London

Replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London. Arcane220US is a green and safe solvent which outperforms traditionnal solvents. If you're looking to a multipurpose cleaning solvent with amazing performances ? One that provides a all-in-one solution and less costly than conventional solvents. Our solvent Arcane 220US will provide you the best solution to replace almost all traditional solvents such as perchloroethylen (PERC), acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, xylene, NAFTA and lacquer thinners.
You are searching : replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London.
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waterproofing under tiling on terrace

Waterproofing mortar under tiles on terraces - ARCACEM S2

ARCACEM S2 renders a flexible waterproof coating highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a semi-liquid product. ARCACEM S2 provides an elastic waterproof coating which adheres perfectl [...]
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Metal degreasing

Metal degreasing - ARCANE 220 US

ARCANE 220 US declares the new generation of non eco-toxic solvents: Non-aqueous / thinnable in water and in solvents (halogenated, non-halogenated hydrocarbons…) in any ratio Neutral and universa [...]
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waterproofing kit

Choosing a transparent waterproofing kit according to the substrate and the type of traffic

The transparent waterproofing kit for non-trafficable surfaces such as floors on which there is no traffic or on walls (shower walls for example) is composed of: Arcaclear primer transparent for [...]
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waterproofing steel tanks

Waterproofing steel tanks and metal roofs

To waterproof buildings subjected to extreme conditions, ARCAROOF RUSTPROOFING sustains the integrity of metal walls. ARCAROOF RUSTPROOFING for steel tank waterproofing has excellent adhesion and form [...]
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cleanr and paint thinner

Cleaner and paint thinner - ARCANE 226 US

ARCANE 226 US was developed from eco-solvent for cleaning complex emulsions in aqueous phase. It is very well suited for cleaning the application equipment used for water-based paints (aqueous phase) [...]
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red tennis court paint

Tennis court paint - ARCATENNIS

ARCATENNIS is a paint coating for use on sport surfaces indoor and outdoor. ARCATENNIS tennis court paint is highly resistant, antireflective and skid free.   ARCATENNIS restores tennis courts and p [...]
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