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replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London

Replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London. Arcane220US is a green and safe solvent which outperforms traditionnal solvents. If you're looking to a multipurpose cleaning solvent with amazing performances ? One that provides a all-in-one solution and less costly than conventional solvents. Our solvent Arcane 220US will provide you the best solution to replace almost all traditional solvents such as perchloroethylen (PERC), acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, xylene, NAFTA and lacquer thinners.
You are searching : replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London.
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adhesion promoter solvent

Degreasing and adhesion promoter - 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces before painting/bonding - ARCANE 221

ARCANE 221 US was created to combine the performances of ARCANE 220 US (degreasing, non flammable, non toxic to humans and the environment) with an adhesion promotion technology. The combination of th [...]
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waterproofing under tiling on terrace

Waterproofing mortar under tiles on terraces - ARCACEM S2

ARCACEM S2 renders a flexible waterproof coating highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a semi-liquid product. ARCACEM S2 provides an elastic waterproof coating which adheres perfectl [...]
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Metal degreasing

Metal degreasing - ARCANE 220 US

ARCANE 220 US declares the new generation of non eco-toxic solvents: Non-aqueous / thinnable in water and in solvents (halogenated, non-halogenated hydrocarbons…) in any ratio Neutral and universa [...]
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Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces

Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces - ARCADECK

ARCADECK is a waterproofing coating for trafficable surfaces. It provides waterproofing, protection and decoration floors made of traditional materials: concrete, cement... The flexibility of the coat [...]
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shade paint manufacturer

Shade paint for greenhouses, tunnels and glazing - ARCASHADE

ARCASHADE is a shade paint for plastic, and agricultural and industrial glazing, or windows. It is mainly designed for greenhouse shading, but generally serves as an opacifier for all types of glazing [...]
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Preventive and long-term protective treatment - ARCAMOSS

ARCAMOSS contains powerful fungicides. It is sprayed or brushed onto the moss or mold, and leaves no stains on the materials. ARCAMOSS sanitizes all building surfaces and destroys all types of microor [...]
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