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replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London

Replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London. Arcane220US is a green and safe solvent which outperforms traditionnal solvents. If you're looking to a multipurpose cleaning solvent with amazing performances ? One that provides a all-in-one solution and less costly than conventional solvents. Our solvent Arcane 220US will provide you the best solution to replace almost all traditional solvents such as perchloroethylen (PERC), acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, xylene, NAFTA and lacquer thinners.
You are searching : replace acetone with a green and safe solvent in London.
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removing shading paint

Clean all Transparent Surfaces on your greenhouses with STOPSCREEN

STOPSCREEN is a solution for cleaning, without manual action, agricultural greenhouses covered with the shading paints (ARCASHADE). STOPSCREEN helps recover the transparency of glass and plastic films [...]
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Characteristics of evaporation of solvents

Characteristics of evaporation of solvents

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Preventive and long-term protective treatment - ARCAMOSS

ARCAMOSS contains powerful fungicides. It is sprayed or brushed onto the moss or mold, and leaves no stains on the materials. ARCAMOSS sanitizes all building surfaces and destroys all types of microor [...]
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Waterproofing pools, tanks, reservoirs and buried tanks - ARCACEM POOL

ARCACEM POOL is plaster casing which, among other functions, waterproofs buried substrates in non-cracked concrete for swimming pools, ponds, tanks, reservoirs or other water retention area. It is des [...]
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shade paint for tunnels

Greenhouse shade paint - ARCASHADE

ARCASHADE is a temporary paint for seasonal shading of agricultural or industrial greenhouses or tunnels. ARCASHADE will protect against sun and glare in dry hot weather and restore light transmission [...]
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transparent liquid waterproofing product

Transparent waterproofing kit for tiling - ARCACLEAR KIT

ARCACLEAR is a colorless high-tech multilayer liquid waterproofing system. ARCACLEAR does not yellow and resists UV rays. The coating retains its transparency and elasticity with time. It permanently [...]
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