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Sealing and Waterproofing Products for concrete in Manchester

Flexible coatings impermeable to water with good resistance to abrasion and erosion, ARCACEM S2 is a sealing product for concrete slabs. Arcane Industries is expert in the manufacturing and selling of waterproofing products in Manchester and everywhere else in England. Find out more about our waterproofing products on our website : waterproof paints, waterproofing systems, waterproofing mortar under tiles, waterproofing coatings for swimming pools,....
You are searching : Sealing and Waterproofing Products for concrete in Manchester.
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waterproofing steel tanks

Waterproofing steel tanks and metal roofs

To waterproof buildings subjected to extreme conditions, ARCAROOF RUSTPROOFING sustains the integrity of metal walls. ARCAROOF RUSTPROOFING for steel tank waterproofing has excellent adhesion and form [...]
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Patented technologies

Patented technologies

Arcane Industries is a pioneer in the substitution of dangerous solvents. Arcane Industries’ patented technologies are at the root of innovative and effective chemical products: biodegradable emuls [...]
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Anti flash rusting protection

Degreasing and anti-flash-rusting protection - 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces - ARCANE 222 US

ARCANE 222 US is 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces before painting, bonding or any other application. It was created to combine the performances of ARCANE 220 US (degreasing, non flammab [...]
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shade paint for tunnels

Greenhouse shade paint - ARCASHADE

ARCASHADE is a temporary paint for seasonal shading of agricultural or industrial greenhouses or tunnels. ARCASHADE will protect against sun and glare in dry hot weather and restore light transmission [...]
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waterproofing kit

Choosing a transparent waterproofing kit according to the substrate and the type of traffic

The transparent waterproofing kit for non-trafficable surfaces such as floors on which there is no traffic or on walls (shower walls for example) is composed of: Arcaclear primer transparent for [...]
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paint for bitumen

Resistant exterior paint for bitumen, concrete and tar

ARCATENNIS is a non-slip and anti-reflective exterior paint which is resistant to water and abrasion. ARCATENNIS colors are vibrant and long lasting. ARCATENNIS is an exterior paint that can be applie [...]
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