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Sealing and Waterproofing Products for concrete in Manchester

Flexible coatings impermeable to water with good resistance to abrasion and erosion, ARCACEM S2 is a sealing product for concrete slabs. Arcane Industries is expert in the manufacturing and selling of waterproofing products in Manchester and everywhere else in England. Find out more about our waterproofing products on our website : waterproof paints, waterproofing systems, waterproofing mortar under tiles, waterproofing coatings for swimming pools,....
You are searching : Sealing and Waterproofing Products for concrete in Manchester.
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how to get rid of salpeter

How to get rid of saltpetre?

ARCANE Industries offers several solutions to get rid of saltpetre through preventive or curative treatment: ARCASALTPETRE is a colorless waterproofing solution and fungicide that will limit the ef [...]
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Anti flash rusting protection

Degreasing and anti-flash-rusting protection - 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces - ARCANE 222 US

ARCANE 222 US is 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces before painting, bonding or any other application. It was created to combine the performances of ARCANE 220 US (degreasing, non flammab [...]
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rust converter


ARCARUST RUST CONVERTER is a product used for treatment and prevention of rust. ARCARUST : chemically stops oxidation transforms rust and stabilizes it thanks to the presence of tannic acid then [...]
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treatment against capillary rise

Epoxy paint against capillary rise – REVEPOXY ARC

REVEPOXY ARC forms a capillary barrier before one lays tiles or applies a floor coating (e.g. polished concrete) or an epoxy coating. REVEPOXY ARC removes the rising damp and resists hydrostatic count [...]
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reinforcing fabric for waterproofing product

Reinforcing band for sealing resin - ARCAMESH

ARCAMESH is a reinforcing band made of very resistant non-woven polyester which ensures the sealing of cracks, joints, special points, and the covering of large areas. ARCAMESH is used with the coatin [...]
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Waterproofing pools, tanks, reservoirs and buried tanks - ARCACEM POOL

ARCACEM POOL is plaster casing which, among other functions, waterproofs buried substrates in non-cracked concrete for swimming pools, ponds, tanks, reservoirs or other water retention area. It is des [...]
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