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Tanking basements and swimming pools waterproof

Tanking basements and swimming pools waterproof. Waterproof Cement Tanking Systems are the most widely used and well proven basement waterproofing solutions to renovate your cellar and convert your basement into a dry, comfortable living space. ARCACEM and ARCACEM S2 work by blocking the capillary pore structure of the concrete surface to liquid water ingress while remaining permeable to water vapour ( which allows any entrapped moisture to escape and the struture to 'breathe'). Penetrating deep into your structure, our waterproof tanking system ARCACEM does not add heavy weight and additional thickness to your existing structure (3mm) while proving extremely resistant to high hydrostatic pressure.
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transparent liquid waterproofing product

Transparent waterproofing kit for tiling - ARCACLEAR KIT

ARCACLEAR is a colorless high-tech multilayer liquid waterproofing system. ARCACLEAR does not yellow and resists UV rays. The coating retains its transparency and elasticity with time. It permanently [...]
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Sealing for concrete slabs

Sealing for concrete slabs - ARCACEM S2

ARCACEM S2 is a flexible coating that is impermeable to water, as well as good resistance to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a flexible waterproofing product for concrete slabs and screeds for flo [...]
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shade paint manufacturer

Shade paint for greenhouses, tunnels and glazing - ARCASHADE

ARCASHADE is a shade paint for plastic, and agricultural and industrial glazing, or windows. It is mainly designed for greenhouse shading, but generally serves as an opacifier for all types of glazing [...]
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epoxy floor for warehouse

Epoxy paint

EPOXY PAINT has an excellent resistance to abrasion, traffic and wear.   Arcane Industries' EPOXY PAINT can be applied to cement, mortar, brick, stone, wood, and metal. It dries to a tough durable g [...]
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waterproof coated casing

How to prevent water infiltration in the basement with ARCACEM BASEMENT?

The coated casing ARCACEM helps waterproof underground walls in basements, parking, lots, basements/cellars, and crawl spaces. ARCACEM blocks the water and does not blister. ARCACEM helps: fight a [...]
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paint for bitumen

Resistant exterior paint for bitumen, concrete and tar

ARCATENNIS is a non-slip and anti-reflective exterior paint which is resistant to water and abrasion. ARCATENNIS colors are vibrant and long lasting. ARCATENNIS is an exterior paint that can be applie [...]
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