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Basement and cellar waterproofing products Liverpool

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Substitute hazardous solvents

Substitutes for hazardous solvents

Arcane Industries manufactures products from its patented technologies in order to replace hazardous solvents without compromising industrial performance. The solvents are among the most hazardous sub [...]
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cleaner for printing equipment

Cleaner for printing equipment - ARCANE 209

ARCANE 209 is a cleaner formulated for the printing industry. It cleans: offset screens rollers plates blankets for batteries of offset equipment   ARCANE 209 replaces solvents targeted by t [...]
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paint to stop damp

Anti-moisture and anti-mold coating - ARCADAMP

ARCADAMP is an anti-moisture microporous paint intended for regular humid rooms such as cellars, basements, laundry rooms or non-buried foundation walls. It does not blister, and lets walls breathe. [...]
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transparent liquid waterproofing product

Transparent waterproofing kit for tiling - ARCACLEAR KIT

ARCACLEAR is a colorless high-tech multilayer liquid waterproofing system. ARCACLEAR does not yellow and resists UV rays. The coating retains its transparency and elasticity with time. It permanently [...]
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Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

The treatment of damp walls through the ARCAFLUID process – WATER-REPELLENT INJECTION consists in injecting in the thickness of the walls, a solution made of water-repellent active compounds that reac [...]
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Waterproofing concrete for resistance to salt water

Waterproofing concrete for resistance to salt water - GREY ARCACEM POOL

The 25KG GREY ARCACEM POOL is a waterproof coating for swimming pools containing salt. The cement it contains is a technocal cement: underwater – resistant to water containing high sulfate levels. It [...]
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