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The Mineral Nuances waxed concrete is a decorative mortar dyed in the mass. Years of experience in coating formulation allowed us to develop a product that is resistant and easily applicable:

  1. the drying time is delayed to extend the application window (wide open time)
  2. product smoothness facilitates application gesture
  3. the flexibility of the coating gives it great resistance to cracking and shock


The polished concrete kit consists of:

  • a primer coating adapted to the nature of the substrate,
  • powder and colored resin to mix,
  • a pore filler,
  • and a matt or satin finish depending on the desired effect.

The pore filler and finish will sustainably protect the polished concrete against staining.


Mineral coating for concrete floors, walls, and furniture. Below is a non-exhaustive list of eligible substrates:

  • Tiles and cement tiles
  • Cement
  • Plasterboard, plaster and gypsum blocks
  • Lightweight concrete / Aerated concrete
  • Syporex
  • Wooden substrate: medium, waterproof chipboard (CTBX), marine plywood, laminates/layered wood


For outdoor use, for a bathtub or for an Italian shower in polished concrete, for countertops, please choose the HIGH STRENGTH POLISHED CONCRETE KIT



As a millimeter decorative coating, the MINERAL SHADES polished concrete can be applied during renovation or construction. During renovation, it avoids multilayered soils that would require the resumption of the woodwork.


Consumption / Implementation

Please refer to the datasheet

The kits are calibrated to achieve a certain surface in all of the sub-layer to the finish.

Visit our: Video space on polished concrete application.


Complete kits containing the primer coating, powder and resin coating, the pore filler and

finish to achieve: 2m² - 5 m² - 10 m²

For a specific package for a project, please contact us!

40 colors in our color chart. For a specific color and over 150 m² to cover, please contact us!