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Cleaning product for polyester resins - ARCANE 225

polyester resin cleaning
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ARCANE 225 is a solvent that can substitute acetone, cyclohexanone and chlorinated solvents for the cleaning of mechanical parts, for the bonding and the solubilisation of elastomers. ARCANE 225 is an efficient and safe solvent:

  • good solvent power for most resins
  • non-dangerous, in conformity with regulations in effect regarding human and environmental toxicology
  • not flammable
  • does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) likely to pollute the atmosphere.



  • Cleaning of equipment for the application of most common resins: polyesters, acrylics, epoxy, polyurethane, alkyds.
  • Bonding of some elastomers such as nitrile and Viton.
  • Preparation of composite surfaces before application of paint and adhesive.


  • Appearance:  Clear colourless liquid
  • Density (20°C):   Approximately 1.08
  • Flash point:    100°C

Consumption / Implementation

Equipment: Cloth, brush and any application tool (e.g.: for paint…).

Dilution: Use pure.

Use: By immersion, sprinkling or in ultrasonic tanks.

For optimal use performance, please contact us. 


Can: 5 Litres, 20 Litres

Keg: 200 Litres.

For another packaging, please contact us.


OTHER VERSIONS: ARCANE 225 Gel: Jellified version of ARCANE 225. 

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