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Degreasing engines’ mechanical parts - MOTOR DEGREASER

motor degreaser biodegradable motor degreaser removal of oil with a safe degreaser
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The MOTOR DEGREASER helps in the removal of fats, oils and grease, as well as other residues. It coats the fat molecules that are then removed by rinsing with water. Its special formulation enhances the degreasing action of the product and ensures efficient rinsing, even in accumulation zones.


The engine degreaser is used in mechanical engineering, maintenance, and garages for efficient renovation of engines while preserving seals, hoses and light alloys. It can be used in degreasing fountains equipped with a brush.


New generation of safe degreasers, MOTOR DEGREASER is:

• Neutral product

• Not dangerous

• Non-flammable (flash point above 100°C)

• Biodegradable in water

• Containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


This degreaser for engines and mechanical parts is made of vegetable oil derivatives and an emulsifier facilitating the coating of fat molecules and their removal by rinsing with water.

These specific emulsifiers enhance the action of the product and guarantee an effective rinsing, even in accumulation zones.


Presentation: ........................ clear yellow liquid

Density at 20°C:............................... about 0.89


5-litre bottle – 20-liter container – 200-liter barrel

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