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Dry cleaning solvent for textiles - ARCACLEAN

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ARCACLEAN is a new concept for drycleaning. It offers a safer and high quality solution to perchloroethylene. Arcaclean is as long-term solution, safe for use both for the user and the environment. ARCACLEAN is a patented formulation of solvents specifically designed for the drycleaning market. The degreasing qualities of ARCACLEAN are comparable to perchloroethylene and even superior on hydrophilic staining due to the solvent’s compatibility with water.

ARCACLEAN leaves textiles perfectly clean, odourless, soft and easy to iron.


  • High solvent power (Kb index 78)
  • Wide degreasing and cleaning range (hydrosoluble/ greasy stains)
  • Water-miscible
  • Virtually odorless
  • Non toxic, non hazardous, non irritant,
  • Non flammable (Fp 84°C)
  • Stable chemical formulation
  • Easily biodegradable


Pails : 5 Litres, 20 Litres
Drums: 200 Litres
If you require another packaging size : Contact us !