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Drying damp walls - ARCAFLUID

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The treatment of damp walls through the ARCAFLUID process – WATER-REPELLENT INJECTION consists in injecting in the thickness of the walls, a solution made of water-repellent active compounds that reacts with water to form an impenetrable barrier to any rising damp. Its water-repellent action prevents saltpeter formation, blistering and peeling of exterior and interior coatings, and ultimately weakening of the structure.


ARCAFLUID permanently stops the capillary rise at the bottom of the walls.


  • Solid walls made of porous materials such as facing bricks, soft limestone: the drilling of holes should be done in the material itself. During injection, the seals surrounding the material are automatically treated by diffusion.


  • Walls made of solid, non-porous materials such as granite, slate, flint ...: it only treats the seals around the building material in order to wrap each piece of stone.


  • Absolute efficiency, on whatever materials encountered and the thickness of the wall.
  • Possible application even if the walls are waterlogged.
  • Homogeneous diffusion of the product throughout the thickness of the wall without risk of uneven treatment.
  • Long-term treatment, for the life of the materials.
  • No weakening of bearing walls.
  • Aesthetics preserved.
  • No alteration of materials.
  • Little or no nuisance to the occupant during the work.
  • Improved insulation coefficient of the walls.

Consumption / Implementation

Consumption varies very significantly depending on the nature of the materials and their porosity.
Allow an average of 1.5 liters per 10 cm per linear meter and wall thickness: for example 20 cm wall thickness, the average consumption per linear meter is about 3 liters.
To learn more about implementation, please see the data sheet: The injection is done using a pump and an airless spray gun with a nozzle.
Pack sizes


5L - 20L pails