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Durable treatment for cracks in facades, swimming pools, tanks… - ARCAFLEX

cracks sealer ARCAFLEX
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ARCAFLEX is a flexible mortar for sustainable treatment of cracks, joints and singular points of works including those in permanent immersion. It therefore provides a durable treat or cracks in facades and in swimming pools, basins, water tanks, water towers. The presence of resin provides unparalleled flexibility for all levels of singular points.


Types of works:

  • Treatment at construction joints
  • Crack bridging (with ARCAFIBER frame).
  • Sailing / riffle connection (with ARCAFIBER frame)
  • Basin and tank sealing: contact us imperatively
  • Waterproofing from inside the basement wall of concrete or masonry (for the treatment of singular points)
  • Waterproofing from inside the concrete pipe, pit opening and septic tank
  • Suitable bases: concrete, tile, steel, PVC

Consumption / Implementation

Application: see the datasheet.

Consumption: 0.140 kilograms per linear meter of joint 1 cm² of cross-section

Depending on the size and stability of the cracks, the procedure may vary.


10 kg KIT containing: 5 kg of cement and admixtures + 5 kg of resin

2 kg KIT containing: 1 kg of cement and admixtures + 1 kg of resin


Color: gray

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