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Epoxy paint against capillary rise – REVEPOXY ARC

treatment against capillary rise Epoxy paint against capillary rise
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REVEPOXY ARC forms a capillary barrier before one lays tiles or applies a floor coating (e.g. polished concrete) or an epoxy coating. REVEPOXY ARC removes the rising damp and resists hydrostatic counter-pressure.

REVEPOXY ARC helps create a casing that serves as a vapor barrier. It blocks liquid water and water vapor, and is applied to wet substrates.


REVEPOXY ARC can be covered with a coating, a screed, or tile.

Consumption / Implementation

2 coats of 0.4 kg / m² each

Implementation: please, read the data sheet.


10 kg kit: Component A 6.4 kg - Component B 3.6 kg


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