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epoxy binder
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EPOXY BINDER adheres to many substrates such as mortar, concrete, glass, brick, wood, stone, metals, plastics ... It is used as:

  • Prime coating prior to application of epoxy paint, or self-smoothing epoxy resin, or for bonding new concrete to old concrete,
  • Impregnating layer
  • Fixer for all resins or mortars on epoxy concrete and mortars
  • Coating protecting concrete against chemical attacks
  • Injection product for cracks in concrete to restore the monolithic structure


Humidity has no effect on EPOXY BINDER.  EPOXY BINDER increases the mechanical performance of the base and is resistant to common chemicals and hardens without shrinkage


Two-component undiluted epoxy binder 

Consumption / Implementation

Consumption: +- 300 g/m²

Application: please refer to the datasheet!


10 kg Kit: 6.9 kg of resin + 3.1 kg of hardener


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epoxy floor for warehouse

Epoxy paint

EPOXY PAINT has an excellent resistance to abrasion, traffic and wear.   Arcane Industries' EPOXY PAINT can be applied to cement, mortar, brick, stone, wood, and metal. It dries to a tough durable gloss finish resistant to water and water vapour, oils, mild acids and alkalis.  
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