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Flexible joint mortar to repair and seal cracks in Bristol


Discover ARCAFLEX: a flexible mortar for sustainable treatment of cracks, joints and particular points of works including those in permanent immersion.

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Sealing for concrete slabs

Sealing for concrete slabs - ARCACEM S2

ARCACEM S2 is a flexible coating that is impermeable to water, as well as good resistance to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a flexible waterproofing product for concrete slabs and screeds for floors or walls. It is also used on the underside of the building supports and civil engineering works.   ARCACEM S2 protects new or old exterior masonry, concrete structures subjected to salts, riffles.   It can be strengthened by our ARCAFIBER fiberglass frame.
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waterproofing tanking system

Waterproof cement based coating for basements, garages, undergrounds - ARCACEM

ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR is a waterproof tanking system. ARCACEM is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure (pressure from the outside against building structure). ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR works by blocking the capillary pore structure of the concrete surface to liquid water ingress. ARCACEM remains permeable to water vapour ( which allows the struture to 'breathe'). Penetrating into the pores of the substrate, ARCACEM will become one with the building structure and cannot be pushed off by water [...]
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waterproofing under tiling on terrace

Waterproofing mortar under tiles on terraces - ARCACEM S2

ARCACEM S2 renders a flexible waterproof coating highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a semi-liquid product. ARCACEM S2 provides an elastic waterproof coating which adheres perfectly to wet surfaces. Reinforced with ARCAFIBRE, ARCACEM S2 provides a waterproof coating highly resistant to water pressure and cracking.   Arcacem S2 can be applied horizontally, vertically or from underneath the surface. ARCACEM S2 is a cement based waterproofing system consisting of hydraulic bin [...]
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