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Friable Substrate Strengthener - ARCAFIX

Friable Substrate Strengthener
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ARCAFIX is a waterproof sealant that penetrates the material without forming film at the surface. ARCAFIX waterproofs, hardens and cleans up all porous surfaces thoroughly. ARCAFIX is an anti-dust treatment product that sets the background of crumbling/powdering, friable or porous substrates prior to painting.


ARCAFIX also protects the material against freezing, and prevents mold growth by blocking water infiltration, which is essential for such growth.


ARCAFIX can be used on:

  • Mortars and thin or inadequately dosed coatings,
  • Roofing materials that became porous (tile, slate, asbestos-cement)
  • Friable cement screeds


  • Colorless liquid made out of methacrylate resins in solution.
  • Micro-porous : ARCAFIX lets the substrate breathe
  • ARCAFIX can be covered with plasters or paint.

Consumption / Implementation

Yield: 3-5 m² per liter depending on the porosity of the substrate.

ARCAFIX is ready-to-use. However, in the case of low absorbent substrates, diluting it with 20 to 30% of thinner (substitute for white spirit) is recommended.

Implementation: Please refer to the datasheet.


0.75 L pail - 2.5 L pail - 20 L pail

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