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How to build an Italian shower with waxed concrete

How to build an Italian shower with waxed concrete italian shower in concrete waxed concrete for bathroom
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A good waterproofing is critical before applying waxed concrete in a walk-in shower system. This applies even with tiling or mosaic.

The substrate must be prepared while taking into account a good slope for water drainage; the drains and water inlet pipes must be in place; the drain will be directly attached to an ARCAFLEX flexible joint mortar. ARCAFLEX ensures proper sealing of this sensitive point, with its grip and flexibility.

The concrete waterproofing coating called ARCACEM S2 will be applied directly to the prepared raw substrate. The first coating of ARCACEM S2 will be applied on the entire surface with the reinforcement in fiberglass called ARCAFIBRE.*



1 – Preparation of the substrate: The substrate must be undamaged, clean, degreased, and adherent. The loose particles and dust should be eliminated beforehand. In some cases it may be necessary to use a fixer for flexible substrates.

  • Very smooth tiled substrates: tiling will be prepared by sanding or abrasion.
  • Plaster substrates: a primary made of a diluted solution of 20% ARCALATEX because plaster is not compatible with cement.


2 - Fixing the drain with the flexible joint mortar ARCAFLEX


3 – Treating corners - making of a kind of cap in the corner to make it round: it is best to break the corners by making a round using a traditional mortar or our flexible joint mortar ARCAFLEX (if there is a chance the substrate might work) in which a mark is made, using a bottle or a PVC pipe before applying ARCACEM S2


4 – Humidifying the substrate: undamaged substrates will be moistened a day before, to get a good impregnation. The substrate should not be flowing. The support should not be humidified prior to applying the second coat.


5. Applying the under-tile waterproofing system ARCACEM S2: Applying the first coat of Arcacem S2 at a rate of 2.5 kg/m² with compulsory incorporation of the reinforcement in fiberglass ARCAFIBER between the first and second coat over the entire surface (to be fixed in the first coat of fresh product).

After 24 hours of drying: a second coat of Arcacem S2 should be applied at a rate of 1.5 kg/m². The substrate should not be humidified prior to applying the second coat.


6- Applying waxed concrete: high strength waxed concrete kit


* For the installation of tiling: flexible tile adhesive C2 will be applied directly on the coating made of ARCACEM S2 + ARCAFIBER to stick the tiles. The joints can be made with our flexible tile joint that ensures sustainably of the waterproof joints.