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How to prevent water infiltration in the basement with ARCACEM BASEMENT?

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The coated casing ARCACEM helps waterproof underground walls in basements, parking, lots, basements/cellars, and crawl spaces. ARCACEM blocks the water and does not blister.

ARCACEM helps:

  • fight against water infiltrations in basements, and against moisture in general,
  • case cellars/basements,
  • waterproof elevator cages, or staircases,
  • seal a crawl space.


Waterproofing: new construction, renovation, leak repair


  • Odorless recoverable microporous plastering by coatings, microporous paint, and tiles.
  • Applicable indoors and outdoors, on wet substrates because it uses the substrate’s moisture to stick.
  • Resistance against water pressure : no water infiltration at 6 bars

Consumption / Implementation

Consumption in the event of back-pressure of water in basements/cellars for 2 coats: Overall consumption will depend on the water back-pressure. Depending on circumstances, it may be possible to apply 3-4 coats locally or in a generalized manner (close source, river, ocean...).

Blocks: ......... 4 kg/m2 // Poured Concrete / Coatings: ....... 3 kg/m2


Pack sizes : Pre-dosed two-component cement plaster (resin + special waterproof cement)

  • 25 kg Kit: 20 kg of powder - 5 of resin.
  • 5 kg Kit: 4 kg of powder - 1 kg resin.


Color: gray or white, tinting with pigment


Application: Please, see the datasheet.

Others products

waterproofing roof with paint

Liquid roof membrane - ARCAROOF

ARCAROOF is a waterproof membrane. ARCAROOF applies like a paint with standard painting equipment and dries to a continuous, opaque film with a paint-like appearance. ARCAROOF is recommended in all cases except waterproofing flat roofs with insufficient slope to allow rain water to evacuate properly.
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Rapid setting mortar

Rapid-setting mortar to stop leaks - ARCASTOP

ARCASTOP is a fast-setting mortar that serves for repairs. It helps to quickly stop a water leak or seepage for example from a pipe accidentally pierced. ARCASTOP immediately clogs cracks, crevices or other defects. It blocks instantly and durably all water inlets.   With ARCASTOP, dripping walls are pre-waterproofed. ARCASTOP also helps grout and seal cracks at the junction of walls and floors in basements.
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Sealing for concrete slabs

Sealing for concrete slabs - ARCACEM S2

ARCACEM S2 is a flexible coating that is impermeable to water, as well as good resistance to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a flexible waterproofing product for concrete slabs and screeds for floors or walls. It is also used on the underside of the building supports and civil engineering works.   ARCACEM S2 protects new or old exterior masonry, concrete structures subjected to salts, riffles.   It can be strengthened by our ARCAFIBER fiberglass frame.
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