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Infiltrations in basements - cellars

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For buried basements (cellars, parking lots, garages...), permanent or temporary water infiltrations are common. It is important to find a solution, in order to avoid structural damage over the long term. In addition, these infiltrations also cause aesthetic and health nuisances (odors, saltpeter/mildew, mold...).


ARCANE Industries offer several solutions according to specific pathologies. During construction, it is preferable to treat the foundation with either our ARCABASE bituminous coating in emulsion (with mechanical protection) or with our even more durable ARCACEM waterproofing coating for foundations.


To treat leakage in a buried structure where it is no longer possible to intervene from outside (treating foundations directly is often impossible or too expensive), one must make a casing with our ARCACEM coated casing for buried works (because it is microporous, it lets the substrate breathe), or with our REVEPOXY ARC epoxy coating (Infiltrations in basements/cellars). In both cases, if water infiltrations are permanent and do not allow the application and drying of casing coatings, one must first treat the substrate with our fast setting patching mortar called ARCASTOP.

Others products

treatment against capillary rise

Epoxy paint against capillary rise – REVEPOXY ARC

REVEPOXY ARC forms a capillary barrier before one lays tiles or applies a floor coating (e.g. polished concrete) or an epoxy coating. REVEPOXY ARC removes the rising damp and resists hydrostatic counter-pressure. REVEPOXY ARC helps create a casing that serves as a vapor barrier. It blocks liquid water and water vapor, and is applied to wet substrates.   REVEPOXY ARC can be covered with a coating, a screed, or tile.
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Rapid setting mortar

Rapid-setting mortar to stop leaks - ARCASTOP

ARCASTOP is a fast-setting mortar that serves for repairs. It helps to quickly stop a water leak or seepage for example from a pipe accidentally pierced. ARCASTOP immediately clogs cracks, crevices or other defects. It blocks instantly and durably all water inlets.   With ARCASTOP, dripping walls are pre-waterproofed. ARCASTOP also helps grout and seal cracks at the junction of walls and floors in basements.
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waterproofing tanking system

Waterproof cement based coating for basements, garages, undergrounds - ARCACEM

ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR is a waterproof tanking system. ARCACEM is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure (pressure from the outside against building structure). ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR works by blocking the capillary pore structure of the concrete surface to liquid water ingress. ARCACEM remains permeable to water vapour ( which allows the struture to 'breathe'). Penetrating into the pores of the substrate, ARCACEM will become one with the building structure and cannot be pushed off by water [...]
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