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Metal degreasing - ARCANE 220 US

Metal degreasing
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ARCANE 220 US declares the new generation of non eco-toxic solvents:

  • Non-aqueous / thinnable in water and in solvents (halogenated, non-halogenated hydrocarbons…) in any ratio
  • Neutral and universal (broad efficacy spectrum; compatibility with most material and joints)
  • High flash point (reduced risk of flammability according to the directive 67/548/CEE)
  • Favourable environmental balance (easily recyclable, biodegradable)
  • It shows numerous advantages compared to detergent systems.
  • ARCANE 220 US does not require any classification according to the criteria of the European directive 1999/45/CE.



  • Excellent surface preparation (e.g.: before paint, bonding or any other application…): the absence of surfactants insures a perfect finish, free from any mark or residual trace, non film-forming.
  • Substitute solvent during the process of manufacturing and formulating.
  • Degreasing of mechanical parts.
  • Cleaning of equipment for paint application.
  • Solubilisation of paint, resin, tar, ink, adhesive…


  • Presentation: Clear colourless liquid
  • Density at 20°C : 0.96 approximately
  • Flash point:76°C, about 81°C with 5% water, about105°C with 10% water (Fire point : 121 +/- 3 °C)
  • Boiling range (760 mmHg): 165 - 235°C
  • Disruptive tension : 8,3Kv
  • Surface tension: 28,9 mN/m
  • Speed of evaporation at 25°C : 6 g / hour / m²
  • Speed of evaporation at 40°C : 18 g / hour / m²
  • VOC content : Under the directive 1999/13/CE : very low, unmeasurable vapour pressure at 20°C
  • The amount of vapour concentration in Arcane 220 US has been measured by an independant organisation (the CRAM). In the worst case scenario (during packaging), the emission value is 16 mgC / Nm3, 5 times less than the emission threshold of75 mgC / Nm3 for a consumption level superior to 10 Tons a year (ANNEXE II of the Directive 1999/13/CE).


Can: 5 Litres, 20 Litres / Keg: 200 Litres.

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  • ARCANE 220 US WIPES: Technical saturated wipes version (60-unit bucket of 182mm x 400mm).
  • ARCANE 220 US GEL: Jellified version of ARCANE 220 US.