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Oil and water repellent - ARCAREPEL

water and oil repellent
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ARCAREPEL protect surfaces from damage caused by water leaking, oil and grease spillage. ARCAREPEL is a water and oil repellent. It inhibits fungal and moss growth and renders surface resistant to cracking caused by freezing temperatures. With ARCAREPEL water and oil will pearl up and not penetrate a surface treated .


ARCAREPEL will treat porous materials: tiling, brick, concrete, slate, terracotta, interlocking paving stone... ARCAREPEL renders the surface self-cleaning while protecting it from damages.


ARCAREPEL is designed to protect the surfaces of : 

  • terrace, garage or any other area where porous floor tiling is vulnerable to water and oil staining.
  • kitchen floor tiling subject to water and oil or grease spillage
  • garage flooring: ARCAREPEL protects garage floor from car fluids and oils
  • outdoor terraces: ARCAREPEL protects the terrace against water, dirt and oils while retarding moss and fungal growth
  • outdoor paving stones


1L - 5L - 20L