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Paint for swimming pools and tanks - ARCAPOOL

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ARCAPOOL is a protective and decorative coating for swimming pools. This paint is applied to concrete, on plaster casing or on cement. ARCAPOOL is resistant to chlorine, salt and water. It is a microporous washable paint. A wide range of colors is available and customized shades can be made on demand.


Discover our polished concrete kits and our treatment products for cracks in swimming pools


Renovation, construction, maintenance, decoration of concrete or cement swimming pools. ARCAPISCINE is applied on concrete, on cement, or on painted substrates.

ARCAPOOL presents a waterproofing power but cannot replace a plaster casing to ensure proper sealing of the pool shell.


  • Presentation: smooth paint, dry appearance: matt
  • Excellent impermeability to water
  • Excellent  resistance to chemicals and alkalinity
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared base
  • Microporous: lets walls breathe
  • Washable
  • Direct repainting, without stripping


  • Standard colors: Bucket of 2.5 L or 10 L


  • White - Blue - Grey (between RAL 7040 and RAL 7042)


  • Specific colors: 10 L Bucket

Sand Yellow: RAL 1002 - Oyster White: RAL 1013 - Graphite Black: RAL 9011 - Black blue: RAL 5004 - Cobalt Blue: RAL 5013 – Mouse Grey: RAL 7005 - Basalt Grey: RAL 7012 – Olive Green: RAL 6003


  •  Tinting: Please, contact us - 10L Bucket


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