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Peelable Temporary Coating - ARCAPELE

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ARCAPELE is a water based, temporary protective coating designed to protect a wide range of material supports (metal, wood, plastic etc.).


ARCAPELE is destined to protect any medium from chemicals or physical factors during storage, transport and assembly. It is ideal when used to protect methacrylic materials such as plexiglass. ARCAPELE is flexible and peels off easily and cleanly, leaving the support intact. Its thixotropic consistence allows easy application of a thick resistant coating on vertical supports. ARCAPELE will keep its initial characteristics (excellent strip-off) including after several months and even when undergoing important temperature variations (our tests were carried out between -15°C and +40°C and are not restrictive)(see aeronautic tests). The film is not UV sensitive.

Consumption / Implementation


  • Spray application: It is advised to apply ARCAPELE with a spray gun for a better homogeneity of the film. For example and for information purposes: Airless pump (33:1 min.) and gun, 15-millimetre nozzle minimum, fluid pressure of 3 bars. ARCAPELE is applied to radoms (frontal part of the airplane which protects the radar) by spraying (Pressure 7 bars, n°2 tip SATA make) in 5 successive coats, 30 to 40 microns each, done in a one-time application (without waiting for each coat to dry between application of successive coats). The applications have to adapt themselves according to the forms to be covered (round, vertical, horizontal) and with the implementation.


  • Brush application: Superior quality smoothing brush such as a white silk spalter 100% composed of hair (we can provide them – contact us). Dilution : Ready to use. Medium preparation: The medium needs to be clean and dry from any solvent degreasing (example ARCANE 222 US, ARCANE 221 US…).


Consumption : 0.5 to 1L per humid m2 in several layers in order to obtain a minimal thickness of 150 to 200 µm in dry state, that is to say approximately 600 to 800 µm in humid state. 


5 and 17L


Coloured versions of temporary peelable coating can be offered enabling a better visibility of the film applied.