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Powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin- BIORANGE 225

Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel solvent manufacturer
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Aqueous emulsion concentrated in essential oils distillate, extracted from orange peel, BIORANGE 25 is a powerful cleaning-degreasing product of natural origin. This “new generation” product uses a unique mix of solvents and surfactants enabling a double action destroying greasesmineral soiling or any other types of stain.


BIORANGE 25 is a cleaning, degreasing, stain remover, original renovator product. BIORANGE 25 has a large range of action : 

metals – stainless steel – chrome – enamel – aluminium – textiles – carpets – plastics 


Its use guarantees the elimination of most:

  • oils and greases (of animal, vegetable and mineral origin), tar, graphite, soot,
  • vegetable and organic stains,
  • soiling linked to urban pollution
  • glues (including wall paper remover), adhesives, inks.


BIORANGE 25 revives the colours and delays the dirtying. The surface treated recovers its original characteristics, with no residual film.


The exceptional performance of BIORANGE 25 makes it usable in many sectors, from a simple use in households to a use in heavy industry. BIORANGE 25 is destined to be used for the treatment of surfaces in a constrained environment (security and environmental) with a high technology content.



  • degreasing and cleaning of any mechanical parts before assembly and painting.
  • maintenance and renovation of painted facades, roofs, claddings, aluminium and wood joinery, elimination of certain graffiti.
  • cleaning of pedestrian streets, market places, public places, domestic waste trucks and containers, urban furniture…
  • maintenance of textile, veils, floor covering, carpets, dashboards, interiors,
  • cleaning of engine compartments and blocks, rims, side-skirts.
  • removing the varnish and weakening printed circuit boards.


Appearance: ......................................Thick, white liquid
Odour: ...........................................Fresh smell (orange)
Density (20°C):.....................................................0,960
pH (20°C):...................................................... NEUTRAL
Flash point: Aqueous emulsion with flash point above 55°C



  • Within the prescribed dilutions, BIORANGE 25 is harmless for the user. The use of protective gloves and goggles is, however, advised.
  • We advise you check the harmlessness of the product regarding sensitive material, medium or paint.
  • Not compatible with polystyrene and some elastomers.

Consumption / Implementation

BIORANGE 25 is used pure or diluted in water. Depending on the degree of soiling and the type of cleaning, the usual dilutions range from 1 volume of BIORANGE 25 for 1 volume of water (50%) to 1 volume of BIORANGE® 25 for 25 volumes of water (4%).


Proceed by impregnating, spraying or dipping. A mechanical action improves the effectiveness (abrasive scouring pad, brush, high-pressure jets, ultrasounds…).

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