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Preventive and long-term protective treatment - ARCAMOSS

fungicide wall without moss eliminate fungus
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ARCAMOSS contains powerful fungicides. It is sprayed or brushed onto the moss or mold, and leaves no stains on the materials. ARCAMOSS sanitizes all building surfaces and destroys all types of microorganisms commonly found.

ARCAMOSS is a curative product that destroys moss. To prevent reformation of microorganisms, you can complete the treatment by applying ARCAREPEL – WATERPROOFING AGENT. The ARCAMOSS activity spectrum is very wide. It acts on bacteria, moss, cryptograms, lichen, or algae.


To avoid slow degradation of your walls, please use ARCAMOSS !


 It can be applied to all building materials and can help recover the original appearance of the base:

  • Natural and reconstituted stone
  • Tiles
  • Lime or cement mineral plasters, cement mortars
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic coatings


Compounds of the quaternary ammonium ion, benzyl in C8-18 akyldimethyl, chloride (CAS 63449-41-2): 2.45% (m/m).

Do not spray on flowers, plants and lawns

Consumption / Implementation

Performance: 4 to 5 m² / L

Biocides are to be used carefully. Before use, please read the label and the product datasheet.


5 liters jerry can - 20 liters jerry can

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