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Repairing concrete with EPOXY MORTAR

epoxy mortar
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EPOXY MORTAR repairs damaged concrete, fills cracks and repairs broken steps. EPOXY MORTAR can be applied on concrete and masonry horizontal surfaces.


EPOXY MORTAR is a waterproof epoxy coating resistant to shock, impact and chemical products. EPOXY MORTAR can be applied directly on standard concrete (of standard porosity) and is rapid hardening, withstands traffic after 24 hours.


EPOXY MORTAR bonds with and blends into the concrete surface perfectly and is ideal for filling in and patching potholes on driveways, outdoor parking, and roads.


Consumption / Implementation

EPOXY MORTAR is easily trowelled, is quick setting and has no shrinkage upon drying.

Indoors and outdoors application

Coverge rate : 10kg/m2 for 5mm thick epoxy coating (2kg/m2 per mm of thickness)


5kg Kit of 3 components :

  • resin
  • sand
  • hardener

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