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ARCATHAN is a sealing resin with cold application and freeze-drying. Flexible coating composed of modified polyurethane resins, ARCATHAN is used for waterproof protection of buildings and civil engineering works. ARCATHAN forms a totally waterproof membrane, without joints or leakage risks. Its permanent elasticity over time protects buildings permanently.

 ARCATHAN resists standing water; no slope is needed to ensure its efficiency.

 Without finishing, ARCATHAN forms a non-trafficable membrane. Applying the finishing ARCATHAN TRAFFIC helps make this coating trafficable.


  • Waterproofing flat, curved or angled roofs
  • Waterproofing salient facades elements
  • Waterproofing vertical surfaces
  • Indoor/outdoor waterproofing: fixed/loose laid sub-coatings.
  • Encapsulating asbestos cement roofs
  • Protecting fragile insulation made of projected polyurethane (PU) foam
  • Colored anti-carbonation protection of works


  • Waterborne coating, very low VOC
  • Odorless when applied
  • Waterproof and freezeproof / Permeable to water vapor
  • Mechanical characteristics maintained between -15°C and + 70°C
  • Fully bonded to the surface without additional anchor
  • Possible occasional traffic
  • Energy efficiency i

Consumption / Implementation

ARCATHAN is applied by paintbrush, roller or airless spray gun.



• without interlining: 1.8 kg / m² (in 3 coats including 1 underlay)

• with interlining: 2.5 kg / m² (in 4 coats including 1 underlay)


Please refer to the datasheet for more details about how


Bucket of 15 kg

Gray, white, brick-red 

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