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Sealing of flat roof

waterprofing product for flat roof sealing of flat roof polyurethane resins colour chart
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The sealing of flat roofs must be particularly well done and not all waterproofing products can solve seepage problems on a surface with no slope. Indeed, drainage is more difficult than on a conventional roof. The proposed coating must be able to withstand standing water. Acrylic coatings are not suitable while polyurethane resins are suitable for this roof topology.


ARCANE Industries offers a waterborne polyurethane resin which ensures perfect sealing of flat roofs. ARCATHAN, covered with our ARCATHAN TRAFFIC finishing, enables human traffic on decks that are flat or regularly snowy (mountain climate).

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waterproofing roof with paint

Liquid roof membrane - ARCAROOF

ARCAROOF is a waterproof membrane. ARCAROOF applies like a paint with standard painting equipment and dries to a continuous, opaque film with a paint-like appearance. ARCAROOF is recommended in all cases except waterproofing flat roofs with insufficient slope to allow rain water to evacuate properly.
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ARCATHAN is a sealing resin with cold application and freeze-drying. Flexible coating composed of modified polyurethane resins, ARCATHAN is used for waterproof protection of buildings and civil engineering works. ARCATHAN forms a totally waterproof membrane, without joints or leakage risks. Its permanent elasticity over time protects buildings permanently.  ARCATHAN resists standing water; no slope is needed to ensure its efficiency.  Without finishing, ARCATHAN forms a non-trafficable membran [...]
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Waterproof paint for terraces and balconies - ARCADECK

ARCADECK is a decorative and protective waterproof paint for terraces, patios, balconies and roof terraces. ARCADECK covers and protects the substrate and prevents it from deterioration caused by water ingress.   ARCADECK can also be used to waterproof floor tiling.  
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