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Self-leveling epoxy floor coating- REVEPOXY AL

Self-leveling epoxy floor coating
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REVEPOXY AL is a seamless epoxy resin coating. REVEPOXY AL is a self-leveling coating: it will hide the imperfections of the floor at the surface, depending on the applied thickness. It provides smooth interior floors with good mechanical and chemical resistance. Maintenance of this coating is easy.

The epoxy resin floor coatings are frequently used on high-traffic floors: exhibition halls, reception areas, shops; or locations requiring regular maintenance with significant hygiene requirements.

Admitted substrate: Concrete treated with a primary, Steel

EPOXY COLOR CHART: all RAL colors on demand


Consumption / Implementation

Application thickness: at least 1 mm

Consumption: 1.5 kg/m² per mm of thickness

Application: see the data sheet


10 kg KIT (8.3 kg of resin + 1.7 kg of hardener) – 25 kg KIT (20.75 kg of resin + 4.25 kg of hardener)


Color: White - Ruby Red RAL 3003 - Beige RAL 1001 – Light Ivory RAL 1015 - Sky Blue RAL 5015 – Grass Green RAL 6010 - Basalt Grey RAL 7012 – Telegrey 2 RAL 7046 – Telegrey 4 RAL 7047



Tint on demand: choose your color in the RAL! The deadline for tinting is 4 days

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