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Shade paint for greenhouses, tunnels and glazing - ARCASHADE

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ARCASHADE is a shade paint for plastic, and agricultural and industrial glazing, or windows. It is mainly designed for greenhouse shading, but generally serves as an opacifier for all types of glazing. ARCASHADE limits heat in greenhouses without affecting plant growth. Indeed, ARCASHADE lets in solar radiation necessary for photosynthesis.


Regardless of the prevailing climate, ARCASHADE provides the opacity needed for each type of production. Opacity is adjustable by diluting the product with water. Applied in early spring, ARCASHADE disappears with all the rain in late summer or early fall. In any case, the removal will be facilitated by the application of STOPSCREEN, solution for shade removal.


White paint for shades used by horticulturists, gardeners, farmers, nursery gardeners, collectors.


Paint based on acrylic copolymers in aqueous phase, with appropriate fillers and pigments.

Dryness: ................................ Matt White
Thinner:......................................... Water
Density at 20°: ................................ 1.38
Drying at 20°. Dry to the touch:..... 2 hours

Consumption / Implementation

Very economical: a bucket of 25 kg to protect 500 to 1,000 m² of greenhouses (mixture of 25 kg of ARCASHADE + 100 liters of water)

Very easy to use. Can easily be mixed with water

Opacity adjustable by dilution

Easily removable (using our STOPSCREEN solution for shade removal may be necessary later in the season)


Bucket of 25 KG – Please, contact us for a different pack size or a large volume!

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