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Strippable coating - ARCAPELE PROTECT'O

strippable coating temporary metal protection temporary strippable coating
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Temporary strippable coating from dispersion in aqueous phase, specially designed for the protection of all medium, painted or not painted (metal, plastic, etc.).

ARCAPELE PROTECT’O is destined to protect any medium from chemicals or physical factors during storage, transport, assembly and handling. It has an excellent adhesion on a large variety of medium. ARCAPELE PROTECT’O is very resistant and strips easily thanks to the thickness of the film, leaving the medium untouched. 


Its consistency enables the application on all types of medium in fairly thick and resistant layers. The film will keep its initial characteristics (excellent strip-off) including after several months and even when undergoing important temperature variations (our tests were carried out between -20°C and +40°C and are not restrictive).


ARCAPELE PROTECT’O shows excellent mechanical properties with a very good film resistance. The application in thick layers enables to considerably reinforce the medium’s resistance to small shocks during handling and assembly of machined parts.


  • Mechanical resistance
  • Water-proof/air-proof film
  • Anti-corrosion (avoids flash rusting).
  • Chemical resistance : ARCAPELE PROTECT'O resists to an extended contact with solvents. 

Consumption / Implementation

DILUTION : Ready to use.


MEDIUM PREPARATION : The medium needs to be clean and dry from any solvent degreasing (example ARCANE 222 US, ARCANE 221 US…).



  • Spray application: It is advised to apply ARCAPELE PROTECT’O with a spray gun for a better homogeneity of the film. For example and for information purposes: Airless pump and gun, 15-millimetre nozzle minimum, fluid pressure of 3 bars. The use of an Airless pump enables a better nebulisation of the product and gives better results. To protect complex parts (multi-facetted), apply a first thin layer as an adhesive primer. When this first layer is dry to the touch, apply a second layer to the desired thickness.
  • Brush application: Superior quality smoothing brush such as a white silk spalter 100% composed of hair (we can provide them – contact us).  Place product with a spatula, then smooth product with a brush. It is advised to apply a first layer of ARCAPELE PROTECT’O without considerations to the thickness and appearance. It will serve as an adhesive primer to the second layer. As soon as the product is dry to the touch, a second layer should be applied with care, especially regarding the thickness (600 to 800 μm).


ARCAPELE PROTECT’O is applied in thick layers on the medium.



  • The drying time in open-air, without ventilation, is approximately 4 hours at 20°C for a dry layer of 150 to 200 microns.
  • Oven drying is possible (approximately 30 minutes at 60°C in thick layers).


5L and 17L

Coloured versions can be offered enabling a better visibility of the film applied.

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