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Substitutes for hazardous solvents

Substitute hazardous solvents substitute flammable solvent solution to eliminate a toxic solvent safe chemical products in Europa replace toxic solvents
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Arcane Industries manufactures products from its patented technologies in order to replace hazardous solvents without compromising industrial performance. The solvents are among the most hazardous substances used in the workplace. Substitution helps eliminate a toxic or flammable solvent by replacing it with a less hazardous product or by changing process.


Several types of distinct and cumulative risks are covered by the term hazardous solvent. A solvent may be:

  • Toxic,
  • Harmful,
  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR)
  • Irritant,
  • Flammable.


Demand for the substitution of hazardous solvents increases: it is a recurring prescription from occupational medicine to limit the risks of chemical exposure on sites and ensure the safety and health of workers. Substitution also helps simplify the management of logistics flows:

  • Management of hazardous transport - ADR / IMDG
  • Management of hazardous materials
  • Elimination of storage hazards
  • Elimination of the risks related to loading and unloading 

Others products

cleanr and paint thinner

Cleaner and paint thinner - ARCANE 226 US

ARCANE 226 US was developed from eco-solvent for cleaning complex emulsions in aqueous phase. It is very well suited for cleaning the application equipment used for water-based paints (aqueous phase) with its polar nature and its destabilizing effects. ARCANE 226 US is also an excellent cleaner for solvent-borne paints (e.g. glycerophthalic...) to replace butyl acetate, for example.   ARCANE 226 US announces a new generation of non-ecotoxic solvents:  Non-aqueous / dilutable in water and i [...]
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polyester resin cleaning

Cleaning product for polyester resins - ARCANE 225

ARCANE 225 is a solvent that can substitute acetone, cyclohexanone and chlorinated solvents for the cleaning of mechanical parts, for the bonding and the solubilisation of elastomers. ARCANE 225 is an efficient and safe solvent: good solvent power for most resins non-dangerous, in conformity with regulations in effect regarding human and environmental toxicology not flammable does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) likely to pollute the atmosphere.   AREAS OF APPLICATION: [...]
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adhesion promoter solvent

Degreasing and adhesion promoter - 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces before painting/bonding - ARCANE 221

ARCANE 221 US was created to combine the performances of ARCANE 220 US (degreasing, non flammable, non toxic to humans and the environment) with an adhesion promotion technology. The combination of these two technologies in a single product is what makes it an innovative product, very efficient and easy to apply. It enables the preparation of surfaces while promoting the grip of the coating or the adhesive.   Grip promoter: Compatible material: metal (aluminium, steel), glass and ceramic. [...]
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Anti flash rusting protection

Degreasing and anti-flash-rusting protection - 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces - ARCANE 222 US

ARCANE 222 US is 2-in-1 solution for the preparation of surfaces before painting, bonding or any other application. It was created to combine the performances of ARCANE 220 US (degreasing, non flammable, non toxic to humans and the environment) with anticorrosion properties.   ARCANE 222 US contains a corrosion inhibitor specifically formulated for the temporary protection (2 weeks*) of metal parts degreased, stored in a sheltered area, before treatment (e.g.: painting…).   *minimumduration [...]
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Metal degreasing

Metal degreasing - ARCANE 220 US

ARCANE 220 US declares the new generation of non eco-toxic solvents: Non-aqueous / thinnable in water and in solvents (halogenated, non-halogenated hydrocarbons…) in any ratio Neutral and universal (broad efficacy spectrum; compatibility with most material and joints) High flash point (reduced risk of flammability according to the directive 67/548/CEE) Favourable environmental balance (easily recyclable, biodegradable) It shows numerous advantages compared to detergent systems. ARCANE 22 [...]
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