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Swimming pool paint - ARCAPOOL

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ARCAPOOL is a swimming pool paint with excellent water resistance and exterior durability. It is a protective and decorative paint coating  designed for application on cement and concrete substrates. ARCAPOOL can be applied on previously painted swimming pools. It is is alkali and acid resistant.


ARCAPOOL has excellent water resistance and is UV stable. ARCAPPOL resists the cracking, crazing, peeling and chipping induced by the constant stress on the pool. ARCAPOOL will be easily cleaned of surface contaminants.


ARCAPOOL is an acrylic resin based swimming pool paint.

Consumption / Implementation

Consumption : an average of 3 m2 per litre for the 2 coats

Simple and safe to apply !


2.5L - 10L

Colours :

standard colours: blue - white - grey
A customized colour can be prepared by our laboratory using the RAL colour chart for a minimum order of 10 litres ARCAPOOL. 
Sand yellow RAL1002- Oyster white RAL1013 -  Black blue  RAL 5004 - Cobalt blue RAL 5013
Olive green - Mouse grey - Basalt grey - Graphite black

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