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Transparent waterproofing kit for tiling - ARCACLEAR KIT

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ARCACLEAR is a colorless high-tech multilayer liquid waterproofing systemARCACLEAR does not yellow and resists UV rays. The coating retains its transparency and elasticity with time. It permanently protects the materials from the weather, water infiltration, or gel.


The waterproofing system includes:

  • A primary adapted to the type of (porous or nonporous) substrate
  • The transparent waterproofing resin ARCACLEAR
  • Depending on traffic: a resin for trafficable surfaces, ARCACLEAR TRAFIC, in case of private or public traffic
  • Possibly a mattifying finishing, ARCACLEAR FINISH, based on users’ aesthetic choice


During renovation to waterproof and preserve an old coating: tiles, exception tiles, mosaic, and cement tiles


The ARCACLEAR waterproofing resin is a transparent one-component aliphatic polyurethane resin.


Different kits are available, depending on purpose of the treated surface, the type of substrate, finish: matte or glossy.

5 m2 Kit - Kit 10 m2

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