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Waterproofing concrete for resistance to salt water - GREY ARCACEM POOL

Waterproofing concrete for resistance to salt water waterproofing saltwater pool
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The 25KG GREY ARCACEM POOL is a waterproof coating for swimming pools containing salt. The cement it contains is a technocal cement: underwater – resistant to water containing high sulfate levels. It can be used in aggressive environments, such as seaside, or to renovate or build a saltwater pool.

ARCACEM POOL is a coated casing which waterproofs non-cracked substrates buried in concrete in swimming pools, ponds, tanks, reservoirs or other water retention areas. ARCACEM helps waterproof underground walls (basements, cellars, parking lots...) indoors or outdoors.


ARCACEM does not blister, prevents the infiltration of water, and resists moisture as well as water back-pressures. With ARCACEM, damp walls are repaired.


ARCACEM resists very high water pressures. It waterproofs the surface and deeply mineralizes the concrete.


  • Compressive strength: 52.5.
  • Odorless and microporous cement coating that is recoverable with other coatings, with microporous paint and with tiles.
  • ARCACEM can be applied both indoors and outdoors, on wet substrates.
  • Resistance against water pressure according to the standard NF P84-402: no water passage at 6 bar
  • Compressive strength exceeding 25 MPa or 250 bar at 28 days, 20°C, and 60% relative humidity

Consumption / Implementation

Application: ARCACEM works as a cement coating on substrates buried in non-cracked concrete.


Consumption: To resist water pressures of swimming pools, ponds, 3 coats are necessary

Blocks  – Shuttered agglos ... 5.5 kg/m2 // Shuttered concrete - Coatings: ... 4.5 kg/m2


25 kg Kit: 20 kg of powder and 5 kg of resin

Color: Grey

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