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Waterproofing mortar under tiles on terraces - ARCACEM S2

waterproofing under tiling on terrace waterproof under tiling Arcacem S2
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ARCACEM S2 renders a flexible waterproof coating highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a semi-liquid product. ARCACEM S2 provides an elastic waterproof coating which adheres perfectly to wet surfaces. Reinforced with ARCAFIBRE, ARCACEM S2 provides a waterproof coating highly resistant to water pressure and cracking.


Arcacem S2 can be applied horizontally, vertically or from underneath the surface. ARCACEM S2 is a cement based waterproofing system consisting of hydraulic binders (cement powder, aggregates and chemical additives) and resins in dispersion.


ARCACEM S2 adheres perfectly to cement and concrete blocks, poured concrete, reinforce concrete, aerated concrete, traditional masonry, agglomerated masonry blocks, wood and tiling.

Consumption / Implementation

Easy to use by simply mixing the two pre-batched components provided.


The coverage rate will vary according to the substrate and use :

  • 1st coat: 2kg per m2 or 2.5kg per m2 if reinforcing mesh is used
  • 2nd coat: 1.5kg per m2

Total coverage for waterproofing: 3.5kg to 4kg per m2

  • 3rd coat: reinforcing coat: approximately 1.5kg per m2 for a total coverage of 4.5 to 5kg per m².


Colour : grey

2 kit sizes: 4 KG and 20 KG

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