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Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces - ARCADECK

Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces - ARCADECK
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ARCADECK is a waterproofing coating for trafficable surfaces. It provides waterproofing, protection and decoration floors made of traditional materials: concrete, cement... The flexibility of the coating helps to seal the stabilized micro-cracks.


ARCADECK waterproofs substrates to be treated and prevents water infiltration. The coating is resistant to foot traffic, and ensures waterproofing of terraces, balconies, roof terraces or outdoor furniture masonry.


Several colors are available and make this outdoor coating particularly attractive.

ARCADECK does not resist stagnant water; at least a 1.5% slope is necessary. Otherwise prefer our ARCATHAN waterproofing for flat roofs and its trafficable finish called ARCATHAN TRAFIC.


ARCADECK is a sealant for terraces, balconies, loggias, and rooftop terraces.

ARCADECK can also be applied on indoor floors (basements, cellars...).


Quick and easy implementation: 2 coats are essential for a good waterproofing. The total consumption is 1.5 L/m2 (including undercoat for more grip). It is essential to respect the minimum consumption and to do so, do not hesitate to add a third coat.


In case of generalized interfacing with the ARCAMESH reinforcement, total consumption is 1.8 L/m2.

Consumption / Implementation

Please, read the datasheet for more information!


2.5 L Bucket - 10 L Bucket

Matt decorative appearance

Tile - gray cement - basalt gray RAL 7012 – Sand – taupe brown RAL 050 50 10 – pale green

For a specific color and a quantity of more than 300 L: please, contact us!

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