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Dry cleaning products

dry cleaning machine ARCACLEAN

ARCANE INDUSTRIES has developed and patented a new generation of solvents that can efficiently and safely substitute perchlorethylene: ARCACLEAN is now a new standard in the dry cleaning world. The degreasing obtained with ARCACLEAN is very efficient while providing the necessary compatibility with water for the cleaning of hydrophilic stains: broad-spectrum of effects (non-greasy stains/greasy stains).

New drycleaning products

Dry cleaning solvent for textiles - ARCACLEAN

ARCACLEAN is a new concept for drycleaning. It offers a safer and high quality solution to perchloroethylene. Arcaclean is as long-term solution, safe for use both for the user and the environment. ARCACLEAN is a patented formulation of solvents specifically designed for the drycleaning market. The [...]
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