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polished concrete

MINERAL NUANCES is a decorative pre-tinted mortar (wide selection of 40 earthy mineral tones). A mix of off-white powder, sand, marble powder,special additives, a milk-white resin and a liquid colorant combine to render a formula which:

  • is easy to apply
  • applies to a wide variety of surfaces (eramic tiles,wood, masonry in cement, concrete, concrete...)
  • renders a high design polished concrete surface
  • transforms the design of your existing surfaces or provides a polished concrete finish to your new structures

The Mineral Nuances waxed concrete is a decorative mortar dyed in the mass. Years of experience in coating formulation allowed us to develop a product that is resistant and easily applicable: the drying time is delayed to extend the application window (wide open time) product smoothness facilita [...]
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Applying waxed concrete on tiles

polished concrete on tiles
Applying waxed concrete on tiles provides a uniform surface without joints that will bring modernity to the redecorated [...]
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How to build an Italian shower with waxed concrete

How to build an Italian shower with waxed concrete
A good waterproofing is critical before applying waxed concrete in a walk-in shower system. This applies even with tilin [...]
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Paint for swimming pools and tanks - ARCAPOOL

Paint for swimming pool
ARCAPOOL is a protective and decorative coating for swimming pools. This paint is applied to concrete, on plaster casing [...]
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Making an Italian shower in polished concrete in a bathroom

Italian shower in polished concrete
An Italian shower made of polished concrete is a barrier-free shower with a uniform floor. If polished concrete is used, [...]
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