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Safe industrial paint thinner supplier Rotterdam

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Rapid setting mortar

Rapid-setting mortar to stop leaks - ARCASTOP

ARCASTOP is a fast-setting mortar that serves for repairs. It helps to quickly stop a water leak or seepage for example from a pipe accidentally pierced. ARCASTOP immediately clogs cracks, crevices or [...]
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rust converter


ARCARUST RUST CONVERTER is a product used for treatment and prevention of rust. ARCARUST : chemically stops oxidation transforms rust and stabilizes it thanks to the presence of tannic acid then [...]
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waterproofing steel tanks

Waterproofing steel tanks and metal roofs

To waterproof buildings subjected to extreme conditions, ARCAROOF RUSTPROOFING sustains the integrity of metal walls. ARCAROOF RUSTPROOFING for steel tank waterproofing has excellent adhesion and form [...]
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Peelable Temporary Coating - ARCAPELE

Peelable Temporary Coating - ARCAPELE

ARCAPELE is a water based, temporary protective coating designed to protect a wide range of material supports (metal, wood, plastic etc.).   ARCAPELE is destined to protect any medium from chemicals [...]
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epoxy mortar

Repairing concrete with EPOXY MORTAR

EPOXY MORTAR repairs damaged concrete, fills cracks and repairs broken steps. EPOXY MORTAR can be applied on concrete and masonry horizontal surfaces.   EPOXY MORTAR is a waterproof epoxy coating re [...]
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paint for bitumen

Resistant exterior paint for bitumen, concrete and tar

ARCATENNIS is a non-slip and anti-reflective exterior paint which is resistant to water and abrasion. ARCATENNIS colors are vibrant and long lasting. ARCATENNIS is an exterior paint that can be applie [...]
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