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Safe industrial paint thinner supplier Rotterdam

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cleanr and paint thinner

Cleaner and paint thinner - ARCANE 226 US

ARCANE 226 US was developed from eco-solvent for cleaning complex emulsions in aqueous phase. It is very well suited for cleaning the application equipment used for water-based paints (aqueous phase) [...]
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paint to stop damp

Anti-moisture and anti-mold coating - ARCADAMP

ARCADAMP is an anti-moisture microporous paint intended for regular humid rooms such as cellars, basements, laundry rooms or non-buried foundation walls. It does not blister, and lets walls breathe. [...]
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cracks sealer ARCAFLEX

Durable treatment for cracks in facades, swimming pools, tanks… - ARCAFLEX

ARCAFLEX is a flexible mortar for sustainable treatment of cracks, joints and singular points of works including those in permanent immersion. It therefore provides a durable treat or cracks in facade [...]
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Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces

Waterproofing product for trafficable roof terraces - ARCADECK

ARCADECK is a waterproofing coating for trafficable surfaces. It provides waterproofing, protection and decoration floors made of traditional materials: concrete, cement... The flexibility of the coat [...]
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Peelable Temporary Coating - ARCAPELE

Peelable Temporary Coating - ARCAPELE

ARCAPELE is a water based, temporary protective coating designed to protect a wide range of material supports (metal, wood, plastic etc.).   ARCAPELE is destined to protect any medium from chemicals [...]
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Paint for swimming pool

Paint for swimming pools and tanks - ARCAPOOL

ARCAPOOL is a protective and decorative coating for swimming pools. This paint is applied to concrete, on plaster casing or on cement. ARCAPOOL is resistant to chlorine, salt and water. It is a microp [...]
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