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On specifications products

customised formulation



Thanks to our R&D department, our product range is in constant growth in the fields of cleaning, treatment and protection of materials. Today, many industries benefit from our innovative and effective solutions.


Our teams will find a solution to your issues: feel free to contact us; together, we can define the formulation framework to establish. As each sector is different, some sectors may require specific products. Interactions and requirements may be multiple: drying time, specific production machines (ovens, cleaners, tanks, spraying systems, guns…), chemical characteristics of the products, requirements regarding safety and origin…


We produce our products: we can therefore guarantee the supply of the formulated product.


Here are examples of some of our specific formulations:

Cleaning of wax moulds – Dilution of rubber – Dilution of glues or adhesives – Anti-graffiti sacrificial coating – Replacement of dichloromethane – Textile-specific stain-removers – Easily strippable red varnish –Thin layer cleaning product – Diluent for paints with particular characteristics…

Substitutes for hazardous solvents

Substitute hazardous solvents
Arcane Industries manufactures products from its patented technologies in order to replace hazardous solvents without co [...]
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