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Terrace waterproofing paint do it yourself Liverpool

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removing shading paint

Clean all Transparent Surfaces on your greenhouses with STOPSCREEN

STOPSCREEN is a solution for cleaning, without manual action, agricultural greenhouses covered with the shading paints (ARCASHADE). STOPSCREEN helps recover the transparency of glass and plastic films [...]
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waterproofing tanking system

Waterproof cement based coating for basements, garages, undergrounds - ARCACEM

ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR is a waterproof tanking system. ARCACEM is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure (pressure from the outside against building structure). ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR works by bl [...]
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waterproofing roof with paint

Liquid roof membrane - ARCAROOF

ARCAROOF is a waterproof membrane. ARCAROOF applies like a paint with standard painting equipment and dries to a continuous, opaque film with a paint-like appearance. ARCAROOF is recommended in all ca [...]
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Preventive and long-term protective treatment - ARCAMOSS

ARCAMOSS contains powerful fungicides. It is sprayed or brushed onto the moss or mold, and leaves no stains on the materials. ARCAMOSS sanitizes all building surfaces and destroys all types of microor [...]
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Flexible joint mortar to repair and seal cracks in Bristol

Flexible joint mortar to repair and seal cracks in Bristol

Discover ARCAFLEX: a flexible mortar for sustainable treatment of cracks, joints and particular points of works including those in permanent immersion.
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