Manufacture of waterproofing products in the UK

Waterproofing from basement to roof

ARCANE INDUSTRIES has been developing, manufacturing and selling waterproof products for over 20 years. ARCANE INDUSTRIES has a broad experience in producing and applying waterproofing products and systems.


Water problems cause growth of mildew which may be hazardous to health, increase heating bills to warm up damp rooms, invade your home with unpleasant musty odours, cause unsightly efflorescence, peeling wallpaper and flaking paint. Water ingress will damage building materials and cause deep structural problems. Cracks, deterioration, rust staining, chalking, peeling paint are the visible signs of a water problem.

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Carac :
waterproofing tanking system

Waterproof cement based coating for basements, garages, undergrounds - ARCACEM

ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR is a waterproof tanking system. ARCACEM is highly resistant to hydrostatic pressure (pressure from the outside against building structure). ARCACEM BASEMENT CELLAR works by blocking the capillary pore structure of the concrete surface to liquid water ingress. ARCACEM remains [...]
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Swimming pool paint - ARCAPOOL

swimming pool paint for concrete
ARCAPOOL is a swimming pool paint with excellent water resistance and exterior durability. It is a protective and decora [...]
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Oil and water repellent - ARCAREPEL

water and oil repellent
ARCAREPEL protect surfaces from damage caused by water leaking, oil and grease spillage. ARCAREPEL is a water and oil re [...]
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Epoxy paint

epoxy floor for warehouse
EPOXY PAINT has an excellent resistance to abrasion, traffic and wear.   Arcane Industries' EPOXY PAINT can be applied [...]
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Tennis court paint - ARCATENNIS

red tennis court paint
ARCATENNIS is a paint coating for use on sport surfaces indoor and outdoor. ARCATENNIS tennis court paint is highly resi [...]
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Liquid roof membrane - ARCAROOF

waterproofing roof with paint
ARCAROOF is a waterproof membrane. ARCAROOF applies like a paint with standard painting equipment and dries to a continu [...]
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Waterproofing mortar under tiles on terraces - ARCACEM S2

waterproofing under tiling on terrace
ARCACEM S2 renders a flexible waterproof coating highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. ARCACEM S2 is a semi-liquid p [...]
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Water and Oil Repellent for outdoor furniture and textiles - ARCAFABRIC

outdoor textiles waterproofing
ARCAFABRIC is an oil and water repellent for textiles. Ready to use and easy to apply ARCAFABRIC penetrates the material [...]
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Greenhouse shade paint - ARCASHADE

shade paint for tunnels
ARCASHADE is a temporary paint for seasonal shading of agricultural or industrial greenhouses or tunnels. ARCASHADE will [...]
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Sealing for concrete slabs - ARCACEM S2

Sealing for concrete slabs
ARCACEM S2 is a flexible coating that is impermeable to water, as well as good resistance to abrasion and erosion. ARCAC [...]
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Anti-moisture and anti-mold coating - ARCADAMP

paint to stop damp
ARCADAMP is an anti-moisture microporous paint intended for regular humid rooms such as cellars, basements, laundry room [...]
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waterproofing solution
ARCATHAN is a sealing resin with cold application and freeze-drying. Flexible coating composed of modified polyurethane [...]
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