Waterproof coating for a swimming pool in London

Pool and outdoor

Arcane Industries has developped decorative and protective coatings  :

  • for sports surfaces (as tennis court)
  • for swimming pool
  • and shade paints for greenhouse

Swimming pool paint - ARCAPOOL

swimming pool paint for concrete
ARCAPOOL is a swimming pool paint with excellent water resistance and exterior durability. It is a protective and decora [...]
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Tennis court paint - ARCATENNIS

red tennis court paint
ARCATENNIS is a paint coating for use on sport surfaces indoor and outdoor. ARCATENNIS tennis court paint is highly resi [...]
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Preventive and long-term protective treatment - ARCAMOSS

ARCAMOSS contains powerful fungicides. It is sprayed or brushed onto the moss or mold, and leaves no stains on the mater [...]
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Durable treatment for cracks in facades, swimming pools, tanks… - ARCAFLEX

cracks sealer ARCAFLEX
ARCAFLEX is a flexible mortar for sustainable treatment of cracks, joints and singular points of works including those i [...]
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Waterproofing pools, tanks, reservoirs and buried tanks - ARCACEM POOL

ARCACEM POOL is plaster casing which, among other functions, waterproofs buried substrates in non-cracked concrete for s [...]
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Waterproofing concrete for resistance to salt water - GREY ARCACEM POOL

Waterproofing concrete for resistance to salt water
The 25KG GREY ARCACEM POOL is a waterproof coating for swimming pools containing salt. The cement it contains is a techn [...]
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