Surface protection products in Rotterdam

Water repellents

Oil and water repellent - ARCAREPEL

water and oil repellent
ARCAREPEL protect surfaces from damage caused by water leaking, oil and grease spillage. ARCAREPEL is a water and oil re [...]
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Water and Oil Repellent for outdoor furniture and textiles - ARCAFABRIC

outdoor textiles waterproofing
ARCAFABRIC is an oil and water repellent for textiles. Ready to use and easy to apply ARCAFABRIC penetrates the material [...]
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Friable Substrate Strengthener - ARCAFIX

Friable Substrate Strengthener
ARCAFIX is a waterproof sealant that penetrates the material without forming film at the surface. ARCAFIX waterproofs, h [...]
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Water repellent for wood - ARCAWOOD

wood water repellent
ARCAWOOD is a water repellent. It protects wood surfaces by enabling it to repel water. ARCAWOOD WATER REPELLENT is invi [...]
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